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Smart Operation in the New Era of Retail - Giada GDSM Revolutionizes the Digital Signage Management

What is a digital signage? Many people may be confused, but will understand if you talk about digital billboards in shopping malls. Different from text signs and posters, digital signage can playback multimedia content in the form of video and H5. It not only presents richer content, but also has a more vivid form and can create more “attention economy”.


While the content of digital signage is becoming high-definition and beautiful, there are vendors who splice two or more screens to create a digital signage experience with a larger display area and cooler visual effect. For example, when playing a vacuum cleaner advertising, 3 or 4 spliced screens can make full use of the screen space, and bring stunning visual effect.


However, behind the cool display of digital signage is the enormous pressure on the digital signage management system. Due to the limited application environment, digital signage is often exposed to wind and sun, and hot and cold weather in a complicated environment. Some digital signage need to run 24 hours a day, which requires digital signage to be able to support ultra HD playback while ensuring stability and lowering power consumption.


For multi-screen splicing, the situation is further complicated by having to control different screens for synchronized display of specific content. The traditional way is to implement content management through SoC screen plus CMS (an information distribution management system), which is not only inconvenient for maintenance, but also brings higher cost when deployed separately.


Giada joins Intel to drive digital signage management upgrade


Obviously, content management is an extremely important part of the digital signage system. Shenzhen Giada Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Giada) has launched the Intel® architecture-based digital signage management system GDSM (Giada Digital Signage Management System) to meet the content management needs. The system integrates software with splicing management and content publishing features, a serialized media player with integrated multi-screen control capabilities, a data center hosted in the cloud, and an optional camera and various front-end sensing modules for a variety of application scenarios such as retail store, restaurant and supermarket. In addition, it can remotely control equipment of different stores through the H5 operation interface, and can efficiently and intensively manage the massive digital signage system.


The core value of Giada GDSM comes from the integration of three innovations in the system. First, GDSM combines the screen controller that controls the multi-screen splicing system with the media player to greatly simplify hardware architecture. Second, it combines splicing management with content management at the software level to greatly simplify the operation process. Third, GDSM breaks through limitations of the front-end player that only has image processing capabilities. By integrating AI video technology, loading cameras and other sensor modules, GDSM enables the system to have information collection and edge computing capabilities.


In order to accelerate the innovation and application of GDSM, Giada and Intel have carried out extensive collaboration in product design and development, as well as market promotion.


In product design and development, Giada has created GDSM based on Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® Pentium® processors, and Intel® Celeron® processors that combine superior performance with power consumption advantages to provide processor choices of unique performance and cost requirements for different application loads.



In scenarios with low load and high stability requirements such as buildings, Intel® Celeron® processor takes advantage of low power consumption and fan-free design to reduce operating costs and improve availability. In large supermarket scenarios where massive HD content display is needed, Intel® Core™ processors and integrated Intel® HD graphics can provide even more powerful graphics processing capabilities.


In market promotion, as an Intel ISA (IoT Solution Alliance) partner, Giada and Intel are working together to accelerate the promotion of the Giada GDSM Digital Signage Management System in Intel® IMRS Market Ready Solution to drive full market coverage of the solution.


Drive AI-oriented GDSM innovation based on Intel® IoT platform


In the future, when we go shopping and dining, we will be able to feel changes brought by smart signage at any time. Smart signage will push customized content based on our age, gender, and even individualized data, and will become an entrance to our virtual cloth fitting, and VR show. It all depends on smart data insights and continuous innovation in digital signage content management.


Based on the Intel® IoT platform, Giada is driving AI-oriented GDSM innovation. As a smart digital signage platform powered by AI and deep learning, GDSM can identify customers and retrieve their purchase history based on their facial features, or push accurate product information directly through nearby digital signage to bring customer experience to a new level through individualized content.


With its flexible shape and adaptability to hardware platforms, GDSM integrates Intel’s fundamental capabilities in AI to enhance the efficient processing performance of front-end AI applications that are flexibly integrated into various smart retail scenarios to effectively help users reduce marketing costs, improve operation management efficiency, and help smart business.