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Giada, a leading supplier in the IoT industry, won its world’s first sample order for the new product, SDM Z8350, from an American total retail solution provider this week, according to Giada’s American sales team. SDM Z8350 is developed according to the new Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specification.


“All its specifications fit our needs,” said the Product Innovation Manager of the buyer, whose channels are all over the world. “Our cooperation (with the American total retail solution provider) is much valuable, as Giada SDM Z8350 can help display suppliers and integrators lead the vertical market by expanding their product line and attracting more customers with more cost-effective products,” said Kenny Zhang, Sales Manager of Giada American sales team.

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Solution Advantages

Tech giant Intel has announced a plug-in module spec and reference design, Intel SDM. It delivers the same level of intelligence and interoperability as the Open Pluggable Specification, but in the smallest form factor yet that eliminates the housing and advances the thinnest integrated displays.


Giada, a strong partner of Intel in the SDM program, provides two SDM versions, which are SDM small module (109×60mm) with entry level processor and SDM large module (109×180mm) with high performance processor. At present, the SDM small module named Giada SDM Z8350 is ready, and Giada is the only reference partner in China for SDM large module, which will be first launched in Q4 2017. Giada is aiming to be a leader on this new technology and it has capability to support its clients on this program during its entire lifecycle.

The American buyer placed the purchase order of Giada’s SDM small module, SDM Z8350, which is a beginning of Giada SDM product line. The module features Intel® Atom Cherrytrail Z8350 CPU and up to 4 GB onboard memory. It is equipped with a 32G eMMC and can support two independent displays, a DP port and an HDMI port. The module, with SDM Standard I/O, can support Windows, Linux and Android 5.1.


The SDM Z8350 is optimized for digital signage, public kiosks, professional monitors, point-of-sale, projectors, beside terminals, hospitality, and more. It can be applied all around the retail industry, especially on visual retail and transactional and responsive retail.

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