Industry background

Numerous competitors, labels stuck everywhere, messy sales content and people just coming by are common problems most retailers face. Besides, with the fast development of E-commerce, shopping online has become people’s important daily consuming model, which makes it more difficult for retailers to retain customers and to make money.


The digital signage, a new media which integrates audio and visual effect, is popular among retailers. Giada, a digital signage player provider with strong technical capacities and rich R&D experience, always follows the market trends closely. Giada launched F105D to help retailers solve the problems they are facing in operation. The new product can provide support for the digital signage solution, which integrates operation system, multi-media player, terminal screens and the software.


Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

4K dynamic display bringing better consuming experience

F105D features a DP1.2 port, which allows for high resolution displays of 4096 x 2160 @60Hz. The port, an important component for content processing and visual display, can support 4k display of advertisement images and videos. The dynamic display, which has more powerful visual impact on customers, can bring better consuming experience for them. 

Realizing Precision Marketing by optimizing sales information management

By using Giada F105D commercial digital signage resolution, retailers can realize real-time release of advertisement poster, new product and updated information. Besides, this solution enables retailers to realize precision marketing, by sending product information to customers according to their consuming preferences. Retailers can update advertisement information through the background management system, which is easy and convenient.

Improving store image and increasing sales

In this solution, digital signage is adopted to display visual-seducing advertisement images, videos and texts. The new form, which brings more interaction with customers, can help to improve the image and level of the store. It is an efficient way to increase the stores’ brand value and image value.
Besides the ordinary marketing information, the retail operators can also send service information to customers, such as parking situation, weather forecast, and football matches schedule. The multi-dimensional services provided by retailers will leave deeper impression on customers and increase chances for them to return to consume next time. It helps to bring more profit for the retailers.

F105D is equipped with the latest generation of Intel® Celeron® N3450/N3350 (Apollo Lake) processors (14nm). It supports DP/HDMI/VGA ports, allowing for up to three independent displays. It has a wide range of applications in various industries. Besides, the JAHC (JEHE Active Hardware Control) technology, which enables reliable operation and easy administration via active hardware monitoring, can help the IT personnel to improve management and maintenance efficiency.