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Company Profile
Founded in 1999, JEHE Technology Development CO., LTD (abbreviated to Giada, JEHE’s global brand), is a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers and motherboards in China. After 19 years of development, Giada has become an international group company, which has built a first-class agile supply chain system integrating production, research, supply and sales. The company has logistics and sales branches in North China, Central China, South China, Hong Kong and the USA. Giada has been providing products and services to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Industry & Competence
Giada, committed to promoting the development of global IoT (Internet of Things), has been dedicated to providing products and solutions for cloud computing, big data, intelligent retail, smart education, AI, and industrial Automation. Since its founding, the company has been making great efforts to build its own brand. Giada enjoys a high reputation and stable market share in related industries in China, Western Europe and North America. Giada has ranked Top 5 in the field of servers in China, and Top 1 digital signage brand in the German-speaking region, and is the only Chinese brand to achieve such an honor.

Manufacturing Services
Giada has three production lines, which are embedded motherboards and PCs, servers (including motherboard, PCs) and software application systems. The company offers software and hardware products, customized systematic solutions and delivery services for customers in relevant vertical industries and application markets.

Research & Development
As a core ODM partner of Intel in China, an Associate Member of ISA (IoT Solution Alliance) and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and around China, Giada invests more than 10 percent of its sales volume in research and development every year. The company has been awarded over 80 independent patents and software copyrights, which ensures its leading position in production innovation in China and competence in offering optimized solutions.

Giada is committed to building a win-win ecosystem together with its global partners in related vertical markets of IoT. By offering more convenient, unified and end-to-end system solutions through innovation and integration, the company is dedicated to helping its global customers and partners achieve business success, and to accelerating landing of new applications and innovation of industries.