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Gold Award for Giada N60E-O in German Hardwareinside Test Review

Shenzhen, Nov. 3, 2016



Link to the Hardwereinside Review


Giada N60E-O, the compact and powerful Xeon-D server motherboard with Mini ITX form factor, has received the Gold Award in the test review of the renowned German online magazine Hardwareinside.


The Giada N60E-O combines both computing performance and storage capability and speed. The build-in Intel Xeon-D processor can handle very complex calculations at low power consumption, while the SATA III , M.2  and PCIe 3.0 16x ports provide expandability for massive storage capacity at ultra-fast speed. The result is a compact but powerful all-round server motherboard for small and mid-ranged data center and virtual machine host applications.





During the testing phase, the Giada N60E-O has successfully passed several high loading tests with Windows 2012 R2, Hyper-V virtual machines, AIDA64 and distributed computing applications with stability and high performance.


Because of the overall outstanding performance, Hardwareinside rates the N60E-O with 9/10 and honors the server motherboard with a Gold Award.





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