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Giada Wins Prizes for Digital Signage Player

Giada has been awarded the Best Digital Signage Player Brand in 2017 during the 2017 Digital Signage Summit by ds-360.com, the leading website in the digital signage industry. The awarding ceremony, known as Peacock Awarding Ceremony, held on Dec. 8th in Shenzhen Pavilion Hotel, attracted nearly 600 industry professionals from all over the country.



Giada won this prize for its high-quality commercial digital signage players and this prize is another proof of Giada’s strength in the digital signage and education Industries. This prize is also another certificate for Giada’s contribution in enhancing the development of digital signage industry. Digital signage, which can be seen everywhere, is known as the 5th media. It’s leading the reform towards smart era of various industries, including retail and artificial intelligence.


Participants of the summit themed “New Era of Digital Signage and Commercial Digital Signage for Smart Retail” discussed opportunities and challenges in the development of digital signage industry, focusing on market, technology, brand and globalization of digital signage in the background of smart era. Senior analyst Zhang Yuying shared her insights on the digital signage industry development trend based on subjective and precise analysis of big data.



Giada, which attaches great importance to the technological innovation, has been in the digital signage industry for nearly 10 years, occupying over 20 percent market share in the high-end DS market, such as X86 and electronic white boards, in China. Giada is always closely following the market trend of the digital signage industry, upgrading its products from hardware to total solutions integrating hardware and software. As a leading digital signage products and solution provider in China, Giada will launch its self-developed GMIM management system for multi-screen display. This system, a new and better digital signage solution specially designed for retailers to release information effectively, will help to promote the development of smart retail.