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Giada's BQ67 Provides Ample Power in a Compact Package

April 18, 2019 – Shenzhen, China – Giada, the number one media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, is proud to announce the availability of the new BQ67 high-end fat client. Despite its compact size, the BQ67 is a surprisingly versatile and powerful PC that offers desktop CPU performance.

Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk
In fact, the BQ67 provides the power of Intel Core Skylake-S and Kabylake-S series CPUs – in the LGA1151 Socket – in two variants featuring Intel's H110 and Q170 chipsets. The BQ67 Q170 chipset version offers three HDMI and 12 USB ports, while the H110 version supports two HDMI and 10 USB ports. This powerful but compact fat client is ideal for applications such as office computers in government or enterprise roles and kiosks in retail.
Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk
Best desktops for schools, offices and government
As we know, in schools, offices or government agencies, computers are usually used to address daily tasks. Mini PC is then a perfect solution for those applications to reduce deployment costs because of its small size and limited but crucial I/O supporting in comparison with traditional desktop PC. To fulfill such kinds of daily task oriented applications, Giada offers the newest Mini PC, BQ67.Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk

BQ67, powered by Intel 6th/7th desktop CPU, with Intel® HD Graphics 520/620 integrated, up to 32 GB DDR3L memory and a socket for a speedy M.2 SSD (in 2242/2280 formats), BQ67 delivers excellent processing and graphics performance when handling intense video/image data throughput loads.

Enclosed within a book-sized metal housing, BQ67 takes up little space and can easily fit into any environment. With a desktop bracket, the Mini PC can be put on desks. In addition, it is possible to be mounted to the back of a monitor (with a VESA mount bracket) to create an “all-in-one” PC, allowing small shops or space-conscious businesses to keep a nest and comfortable environment.

Ideal choice for kiosks
Kiosks are a key element in the digital transformation of merchants and manufacturing. People are increasing accustomed using kiosks while shopping, communicating, receiving financial service and operating machines. To better support these kiosks applications, Giada has made great efforts to design new industrial PC and pico boards which combine high performance and a rich variety of I/O ports, such as the BQ67.

Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk

Measuring just 180 by 177 mm, the high-performance BQ67 has adequate I/O ports, which provides rich interfacing and connectivity options. BQ67 has a 2230 M.2 socket for WiFi and Bluetooth, Intel I219LM gigabit ethernet, and even a legacy RS232 serial port to ensure compatibility with any role. Of course, this PC also includes essential standard features, such as audio input and output, and a enough USB connectors (at least 10) for any conceivable application.

BQ67 supports operating systems include Windows, 7, 8.1, and 10 (including 64-bit versions), as well as Linux. Metal-cased and fan-cooled for reliability, the BQ67 offers a great combination of performance and versatility in a compact package that fits in anywhere. Please find out more about the Giada BQ67 at [http://www.giadatech.com/index/product/detail/aid/635.html]
Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk
Giada desktop series
The release of BQ67 enriches Giada’s desktop series , which also includes D360. D360 is a high-end Mini PC supporting Intel® Core™ Kabylake and Skylake processors and Intel® H110 chipset. The PC with up to 32 GB DDR4 memory, has an HDMI port and a VGA port, supporting 4K video display. To know more about D360, please refer to http://www.giadatech.com/index/product/detail/aid/218.html.
Giada_BQ67_desktop CPU_office_Kiosk
About Giada
Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd. (JEHE), is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Giada is dedicated to promoting the development of the global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry, focusing on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranking top 1 media player supplier in the German-speaking region, is a core partner of Intel® in China, and an Associate Member of Intel ISA (IoT Solution Alliance) http://www.giadatech.com/.