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Giada G1568, 15-Port Video-wall Signage Player

Giada, the number one media player brand in the German-speaking region, have released G1568,  a 15-port video wall signage player supporting EDID emulation function.

The Giada G1568 is a Video-wall signage player with an Intel Core Processor alongside AMD Radeon GPU. The I/O for the player contains 6 x USB, 2 x COM, 2 x LAN and 15 x HDMI Ports and the operating temperature for this product is standard.

Nowadays, an increasing number of video-wall solutions have been applied to engage customers. Compared with static images, large-screen dynamic content is much more attractive to customers. In order to attract more customers, more retailers are using dynamic video-wall solutions to play videos promoting their brand and products, to instantly update content to account for last-minute changes, and to reflect up-to-date pricing.



G1568, with 15 HDMI ports supporting 4K, is an ideal choice for multi-display applications such as digital signage, video walls, projection screens and digital board installations.



15 x HDMI video-wall player

Giada G1568 adopts Intel Coffee Lake-S Processors (TDP 65W), and supports 15 HDMI 2.0 ports. By adopting G1568, retailers can control all the screens up to 15 within the store with the single player, without no more cabling.

Ideal choice for 4k multi-display solution

In addition to the high-performance 8th generation processors, G1568 supports 2 AMD E8860 GPU, which enable the player perfect for displaying 4K video wall or menu board contents. Besides, the player is equipped with the hardware EDID emulation feature that allows users to regularly check on-site status and to solve any arising display and cable issues.


Giada multi-display series

To better support various customers’ requirements, Giada has also develop a series of multi-display players, such as the G367, a triple 4k player with discrete graphics engine, G468, a four-screen AMD video-wall player, G330, a video-wall player with 6 DP outputs, and G968, a 9 x HDMI video-wall signage player.



About Giada

Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd., is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry. Since its establishment in 1999, Giada has focused on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services, and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranked as the number one media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, is a core partner of Intel® in China, and an Associate Member of Intel® ISA (IoT Solution Alliance).

For more product information: www.giadatech.com.