Industry background

Retail has been divided into two camps, on-line and off-line. The two camps have been in an adversarial relationship for a long time. As the development of Internet and breakthrough of other technologies, the concept of “new retail”, which integrated retail and new technology, becomes popular in a short time.


New retail, which reflects the nature of retail-a combination of people, commodities and places, combines online and offline methods. Taking users’ experience as the center, the new model changes users’ consumption scenes. In the times of IoT (Internet of Things), in order to create a smart, interactive and personalized shopping environment, the application of commercial digital signage becomes an indispensable part of new retail. Giada Technology, that has been well-prepared for this change, launched a new digital signage terminal VM23. Solution supported by VM23 can help retailers realize new selling model.

Giada VM23 is powered by Intel Apollo Lake processors (14nm), whose performance has been increased by 30% compared with the last generation of Cherry Trail. Its cruising ability also has been improved by 15% through power optimization. Adopting the 9th generation of core graphics, VM23 supports H.265/VP9 4K video coding. With a DP port and an HDMI port, the machine supports 4k video display (4096 x [email protected]). Featuring onboard high-speed M.2 SSD slot, VM23 can provide higher transmission bandwidth for SSD devices through its PCI-E channel, ensuring the smooth display of 4k videos.

Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

VM23, excellent support for smart shopping environment

Digital signage supported by VM23 in retail stores can display 4k images, which have stronger visual impact and can attract consumers’ attention more easily. It also supports carousel display, which can deliver commodity information to customers efficiently with direct and dynamic images and help to boost sales. In the meanwhile, innovative advertisement display can help stores build their images and improve their brand and image value.



VM 23 helps to provide personalized shopping experience

Retailers can use VM23 to establish digital counters, which display info about commodities on digital screens. Customers can check commodities info quickly and even order what they want through the digital counters directly. The new shopping model can reduce customers’ waiting time, offer personalized and model shopping experience, and help retailers reduce storage cost and earn more profit.


VM23, what you really need

Through digital signage system solution supported by VM23, retailers can master different consumption habits and characteristics of various shopping groups by analyzing the data collected. They can optimize their sales strategy and deliver the commodity information more precisely, enabling customers to receive the information they really want.

Retailers have high requirements on equipment management considering their special operation environments. VM23 adopts JAHC technology, which realizes power on/off by alarm, infrared remote control and automatic restart. The technology makes the machine easy to be managed and maintained, and reduces the maintenance costs at the same time.


In order to build outstanding interactive service platforms for customers, Giada provides various digital signage products to meet different market demands. Giada always strives to provide appropriate products for different market segments and applications, to better satisfying the increasing requirements of the future smart digital signage market.

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