Industry background

The global smart digital signage market is increasing, and retailers need to invest to keep up with the competition. Research shows that 90% of customers leave a store when they can’t find a product they want. There is a growing need for both targeted customer advertisement and interactive displays that will capture customer attention.

Digital signage not only makes marketing more poignant, but more streamlined and cost effective as well. Management can quickly update marketing across all digital signage simultaneously, enabling them to rapidly update messaging, eliminate poster printing costs, and deliver a richer customer experience.

Desired Outcomes
● Provide consumers with product information quickly and effectively
● Enhance customer satisfaction
● Reduce customer wait time
● Create efficient, convenient storefronts
● Minimize operating costs
● Improve brand and perception

Giada is enabling retailers to overcome these challenges with a reliable, affordable and easy-to-use digital signage solution that makes it possible to enhance sales, operations, and customer experiences through IoT. This solution was selected by Intel MRS (Marketing Ready Solution) platform as the first model case of its kind in China.

Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

It all starts with interactive sensors and displays powered by Giada Cloud Terminals that leverage Intel Apollo Lake or Core processors. These terminals pre-process signage, sensor and mobile data at the edge, and efficiently mediate that information to and from the cloud using a smart digital signage software and security. From the cloud-based software portal, decision makers can tap into customer, store and device analytics anywhere to engage and respond to deep insights into customer preferences and behavior.

After a 3 month trial run with Digital Signage supported by Giada media players, WANDA Hospitality Group saw 80% customer satisfaction rate over previous 60% and 20% increase in sales.

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