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Can a security guard monitor 100-mu forestland? Before answering this question, we’d better figure out how large 100-mu is. A mu is equal to 666.66 square meters, and 100 mu is about 66,666 square meters, which is 6.6666 hectares. As we all know that the size of a football pitch is around 0.5 hectare, therefore 100-mu is as large as 12 football pitches.

At least 3 guards were needed for the security work of a football pitch when there are no matches. Can a guard really monitor 100-mu forestland, just relying on a wall? Yes, they can do it with a video wall supported by Giada G330.


Video wall has become the mainstream display terminal in security projects, and it is a must for large security projects, especially in the construction of safe cities and smart cities. Since 2011, commanding & dispatching and video monitoring equipments have become the important drive forces in video wall application markets, and their sales volume accounts for more than 70% of the whole market. In nowadays, as the fast development of the security industry, the requirement for display terminals is more and more higher.

The display terminal is used to process the signal sources of the video wall, and it also manages the content, visual effect and controller, therefore the quality of the display terminal directly influence the visual effect of a video wall.


Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

JEHE Technology Development Company, which is keen on technology innovation, launches several new high-quality display terminals as the market demand. Take Giada G330 for example, powered by Skylake-S/Kaby Lake-S CPUs, it supports the 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5/i3. Skylake, a microarchitecture redesign using 14 nm manufacturing process technology, has better performance and lower power consumption, and generates less heat, compared with Haswell, which uses 22 nm manufacturing process technology.


G330 supports up to six DP1.2 video ports, whose transmission speed is two times of the DP 1.1 port. Its Ethernet speed is also improved from 10.8 Gbps to 21.6 Gbps. It has outstanding display performance, which is able to support output of 4k image in four screens. Its max resolution ratio can reach up to 8k and it support high-definition display of up to max. [email protected] 



G330 can support 6 in 1 Video Wall and the six videos can display different contents. We can also use cascade connection of N G330 to support 6N in one video wall, if the video wall consists more videos.

Operation management is very important for the video wall solution. If the technical hitch occurring to the equipment temperately could not be removed in time, the operation of the whole system will be disrupted. The build-in JAHC technology of G330, which enables unattended operation with powerful remote control and auto power on/off functionality, can help to reduce management cost and improve work efficiency. In the meanwhile, it adopts Intel vPro Technology, which simplifies the software update procedure. This technology also enables IT personnel to realize remote control, which can reduce the failure rate of the equipment.


Besides, the application environment of security projects is quite complex, where strong light, high temperature and humidity are common. These projects have severe requirement for the durability of the equipment in rugged environments. G330, with metal construction and special process coating, radiates heat and cools down quickly. It adopts modular design according to industrial standardization, which makes the error diagnose and repair more easily.


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