Industry background

In the Giada multi screen splicing solution, instead of the traditional combination of computers and video frequency division processing, only one computer is required. The multiscreen splicing solution supports three screen, fourscreen, and six screen splicing for both tasks of computer operations and video frequency division processing.

Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

—Industrial-level design is applied to the industrial control design and manufacturing of Giada multi-screen splicing series products to support highly-reliable and long-term services.

4K ultra HD decoding
—4K ultra HD (4090x2160 pixels) content playback is supported. Video sources with common resolution can be optimized to display almost any HD effect.

Compact and solid appearance
—All series of products are cast in ESD tempered materials and can effectively resist pressure and shock and prevent static and magnetic interference.

JAHC Active Control
— Giada’s self developed JEHE active hardware control technology perfectly solves functional failures that occur in cases such as power outage or those caused by software setting dependencies.

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