Industry background

By virtualizing application terminals, security and uniformity of desktop use can be achieved. Virtualization allows using specialized devices anytime, anywhere, via the Internet to realize unified management of independent application terminal systems.

Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

Compact and ultra-thin appearance
- In the entire Giada virtualization application, products applied are compact and ultra-thin. Their motherboards are designed based on optimal structures to ensure that the complete machines can be installed freely even in the tightest spaces.

Perfect HD decoding
- Giada's series of virtualization products support full HD video and 1080p photo processing.

Reliable quality
- Giada product testing center tests all the CPU usage to ensure top-quality output.

Multiple computers choices
- Giada has established a long-term partnership with Intel and is capable of providing multi platforms and products suitable for various application scenarios.

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