Industry background

As the processing of education resources informatization, more and more education institutions begin to build their own campus networks. How to meet the requirements of information processing without the support of IT technicians is an urgent problem for every small and median education institution. Teachers of the same subject need to share teaching material, and they need a platform allowing students to download and upload homework. Besides, the school need to build a resource library to realized centralized management of campus resources. U disks are commonly used in most schools to share teaching materials and the teachers’ files are scattered in their own computers. This is not good for efficient management and there is potential safety hazard to release students’ information.


For education institutions, data are mainly generated around teaching material and students’ information. The truth is teachers teach different students every semester, therefore it is necessary to collect and integrate data on that. In traditional campus network application, the teaching material and students’ information are scattered in different computers, which makes it a trivial job to collect teaching materials. The materials are difficult to manage and some of them are even lost. Teaching content is the most important intellectual property for schools, and how to make sure teachers of different subjects can check subjects and content quickly through proper authorization setting is an important problem during the process of education informatization.

Topology/Picture for the Solution

Solution Advantages

Larger storage space with safe backup

The NAS series with multi-bay design can provide enough space to store all the teaching files, multimedia courseware, and information about teachers and students. Besides, the series support RAID redundancy, which provide sufficient protection for all the stored teaching material and system data. The NAS series will help to build a safe storage environment for campus resources.

Exceptionally safe user account control

Giada NAS GSM operating system has complete rights management setting, which can assign different permissions for different users. The system can either open the material of low authority requirements to all the lecturers, enabling them to check interior files, or open some material to special accounts separately. Besides, the Giada NAS series support universal permission setting, enabling the school to realize precise authorization to visitors (individuals or groups) of reading, writing and management of data. Finally, the series can realize authorization setting according to different file types, managing teachers’ storage and download rights for different files. Through the series, we can also set shared folders, enabling teachers of the same subject to share courseware and to communicate with each other.




Allowing for file access with mobile terminals

Teachers usually need to take portable hard disk storing teaching material with them when they go to cooperative schools to give lectures or when they are on business trip. Now, they can easily access to and download relevant teaching material via a mobile app of Giada GSM operation system. Besides, teachers can own their private net disk, which enable them to store and download courseware anytime they want. No matter the teaching videos with the size of several hundred GB or PPT accumulated during teaching in previous years, all can be visited anytime or anywhere.


Improving data storage efficiency and helping to building an E-campus

The reliable and unified data management system provides a high-performance and safe storage and management platform of teaching material. The platform with excellent expansibility can raise the level of modernization of teaching management and improve the sharing efficiency of materials from different channels.   


The series will help to build a campus information sharing platform among teachers of different majors and subjects by connecting different devices ports. It realizes concentration and sharing of teaching materials by storing all the good materials of different subjects and departments in one platform. It can enhance the interaction between teachers and students and improve the overall teaching quality and the campus’s image.

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