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The New Giada N60E-O Server Motherboard for Small and Medium Size Enterprises


• Top Computing Performance with Power Efficiency

• High storage capacity with six SATA III Ports

• Ultrasfast Data Transferrate




Shenzhen, Juni 23, 2016. The new server motherboard Giada N60E-O is now available in three variants. The Intel Xeon D motherboard with Mini iTX form factor provides high computing performance and storage capacity. Designed for processing of very big data volume, the motherboards allow high efficiency and stability, even at full load. The new motherboard is now available at following MSRPs excl. VAT:


  • N60E-O-1507 (Intel® Xeon® D-1507): USD 399
  • N60E-O-1521 (Intel® Xeon® D-1521): USD 661
  • N60E-O-1541 (Intel® Xeon® D-1541): USD 1210


Other Intel® Xeon® D and Intel® Pentium® D models are available upon inquries.


Designed for entry-level server and mid-range storage server

The target group for the new Xeon-D server motherboards are small and medium-sized enterprises. The new models can be installed in the environments where big storage capacity, high-speed networking and efficient power consumption are required,  for example as entry level server and mid-range storage server solutions or as workstations. The new Giada N60E-O  belongs to the Giada's full server product line, consisting of server motherboards (entry level to high-end Xeon E5) and server systems (tower and rackmount servers).


Ultrafast Netowrking Speed

With 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN prot and 2 10GB/s SFP+ ports, the Giada N60E-O provides ultrafast networking speed at low latency. It improves the reliability, stability and creates the ideal condition for the virtualization applications.


High Storage Capacity

All Giada N60E-O models provide four sockets of DDR4 RAM modules, upgradable up to 128GB. Very suitable for memory-intensive applications like desktop virtualization. It also stands out with low power consumption during the server operation. Up to six SATA III HDD can be connected. The performance can be further enhanced via PCIe 3.0x16 and M.2 slot.


Warm Storage with Intel® Xeon® D

SMEs and other scenarios requiring a solution for warm data or files that aren't heavily accessed on a frequent basis will benefit greatly on the optimized architecture of the Giada N60E-O's Xeon-D processor.

The small footprint of the Giada N60E-O makes it perfect for compact installations where it complements the inherent efficiency of the processor. The processor itself which is an onboard solution allows for rapid deployment for instances wherein a quick solution for the intended applications need to be deployed instantly.


Advance Remote Management Support

Manage your Giada N60E-O remotely via IMPI 2.0, even in an offline or suspended state via KVM modules that feature browser support which provides annual remote monitoring and diagnosis through an easy-to-use web interface (supported by N60E-O with Intel Xeon-D 1520 and higher).


Choice Components for Maximum Efficiency

Giada assembles the N60E-O motherboard with choice components configured by Giada engineers to deliver high-efficiency. The Giada N60E-O features solid capacitors that are durability tested up to 12,000 hours under 105*C temperatures which is in excess of the heat generated by standard operation.




About Giada

Giada is a premium brand of JEHE (Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd), www.giadatech.com the leading provider of ICT products and solutions and expert in embedded computing and server technology. Giada was Intel’s very first official partner in China & is an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance (ISA) Member. Giada has, from 2003, powered its way into the ranks of the country's top three manufacturers, and nurtured a long and fruitful relationship with Intel, AMD and nVidia.  Learn more about Giada’s entire line up of embedded systems and servers at: http://www.giadatech.com