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Giada servers possess both application features of commercial servers and the adaptability of industrial computers. The high-performance architecture of Giada servers are five times more reliable and secure than industrial computers. They can be applied to various complex operation, multi-task processing and multi-tier high-density information system building.

Giada industrial computers are developed based on multiple architectures including the X86 and the ARM and are compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux. The products follow Plan and integrate innovative technologies and actual requirements to provide common users with secure personal private information management.

Giada industrial applications conform to PICMG 1.0/PICMG 1.3 technical specifications. Based on the X86 architecture, they support Intel® AtomTM, Ivy BridgeTM, and HaswellTM processors, offer multi-platform support and high reliability, and provide higher flexibility and application scalability. They fully meet demands for slots in industrial applications, and are aligned with technological development trends.