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Industry Control

To address industrial automation, JEHE TECHNOLOGY 

provides CPU cards and motherboards and integrated

hardware system solutions. Each solution fully considers 

the adverse application environments, including those 

that require dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, antistatic,

and hightemperature resistant equipment.From software,

hardware to systems, JEHE TECHNOLOGY provides you

with all the products required for efficient and stable

industrial automation.

Scene Graph
petroleum and petrochemical
petroleum and petrochemical
Electricity Industry
environmental protection
Construction Industry
Production Surveillance
Solution Advantages


       · Replaces manual operations in adverse and dangerous environments or dangerous tasks.

· Capable of completing tasks that are beyond human capabilities (for example, in terms of body size, weight, and speed)

· Waterproof and shockproof, allowing running in various adverse environments

· Abundant ports for secure data transmission

· Allows remote monitoring and smart control

High quality / certificate management

Application Scenarios

Giada EN-N2800DL Applied In CNC Machine

Giada Industry Control Motherboard Applied In Sewa

Giada Industry Control Motherboard Applied In Auto