Check out the frequently asked questions and answers.
How to clear the CMOS content?
There are two ways to clear CMOS content:                    
a. Remove the power cord and open the top cover, and then unplug 3V battery for about 5 seconds. The BIOS settings will be cleared;
b. Remove the power cord, and use needle to press the clear CMOS button for about 5 seconds.
No booting and (or) no display troubleshooting
Here are two steps to troubleshoot no booting problem of Giada players:     
a. Clear CMOS to see if it can boot. If it still can't boot, please execute step b;
b. Remove the power cord and all the external devices, then clear CMOS and change memory module to see if it can boot. If it still can't boot, please contact FAE or sales manager from Giada.
If the Giada player can boot and the keyboard can work, but it can't display, swap HDMI/DP/VGA cable connecting with the monitor to see if the video port can display. If the problem still exists, please contact FAE or sales manager.
Where can I find the BIOS version?
Turn on the player and press 'Del' continually, then you can see BIOS setup menu, and you will find the BIOS version there.
How can I enter BIOS setting interface?
Turn on the player and continually press ‘Del’, then it will enter BIOS setup interface.
Can Giada customize BIOS for us?
Giada can customize BIOS settings according to your requirements, which include pre-setting of passwords and company logo during POST (Power On Self Test), and many other settings to personalize your device.
What is "ME"?
The Intel Management Engine is an embedded microcontroller running a lightweight microkernel operation system that provides a variety of features and services for Intel processor-based computer systems. BIOS's ME included AMT (Active Management Technology), ASF (Alert Standard Format), QST (Quiet System Technology) and TPM (Trusted Platform Module).
Can Giada provide root access for Android players?
All the Giada Android images uses SuperSU APP to get root access. Please run ‘su’ command in front of your command, such as running ‘su ls /data’ under adb shell. The SuperSu grant dialog will come up if your APP requires root.
How to update the webview version for Android players?
If you need a specific webview version on Giada Android player, Giada can customize the firmware as you need. 
How to activate fTPM?
The fTPM function can be activated via BIOS ME controller by customizing BIOS. Users can see the TPM2.0 option in BIOS->Advanced->Trusted Computing. If TPM20 Interface Type is TIS, it means the TPM is internal CPU firmware based TPM. If TPM20 Interface Type is CRB, it means the TPM is onboard TPM Chip or external TPM.
How to activate auto power on function?
The function of automatically reboot while power on is controlled by hardware. You can enable it by switching on the JAHC button.
If you can’t find the physical switch on the player, you can go to the BIOS to activate it by following steps:
a. Turn on the player and continually press ‘Del’, then it can enter BIOS setup interface;
b. Select Advanced- > OEM configuration- > JAHC Enable- > Enabled;
c. Press ‘F10’ to save change & exit after select ‘JAHC enabled’ option.
How to find product serial number and model number?
You can find the serial number and model number on the package and device. Normally it's on side of the package or (and) at the bottom of the device. 
What safety certifications and reports does Giada provide?
CE, FCC, UKCA are normally available for Giada products. For more information, you can contact us. 
Can Giada customize configuration of the products?
Giada can pre-install memory/storage/WIFI module/ 4G or 5G module/operation system which are tailored as your wish if your purchase more than relevant minimum order quantity.
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