ESP32-S3 Microcontroller Unit
6 x GPIO, 6 x I2C
Based on ESP32-S3 Microcontroller Unit
Based on ESP32-S3 Microcontroller Unit
The ESP32-S3 is a widely used microcontroller unit for IoT solutions, used to centrally process sensor signals and upload data to PCs. It is small in size, low in power consumption, and supports secondary development.
The RD01 can send data through the USB Type-C interface or RS232 serial port.
Supporting 6 GPIOs and 6 I2C
Supporting 6 GPIOs and 6 I2C
The Giada RD01 provides GPIO and I2C signal expansion for embedded PCs. The Giada RD01 is designed with 2 sets of 6-pin GPIO interfaces, with each set supporting 3 GPIO signal inputs. It has 6 sets of I2C grooves designed to connect I2C sensor modules.
Providing firmware for GPIO connected
Providing firmware for GPIO connected
Giada provides embedded firmware for connecting GPIO signals to the RD01. The RN01 supports customer secondary development.
I/O port introduction
Microcontrol Unit
Input Voltage
DC-IN, 5 V / 1A
Rear IO
1 x USB Type-C
1 x DB9 RS232
6 x 4pin I2 C grove
2 x 6pin GPIO
1 x 5pin serial port
1 x Power supply, 1 x PC connect, 1 x IO signal
1 x TTL/RS232 switch, 1 x RESET
Metal, White
168.5 mm x 55mm x 24mm (6.63" x 2.16" x 0.94")
Product Weight
232.6 g
Operating Temperature
0°C ~45°C (32°F~113°F) @0.7m/s Air Flow

RD01 Product Spec
431.45 KB
RD01 User Manual
1.33 M


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