Giada Wins Intel 2017 IoTG Innovation Award

Giada won 2017 IoTG Innovation Award at the 2018 CTE CEO SUMMIT organized by Intel in Shenzhen Bay Breeze Resort Hotel on March 12th. KJ Lin, CEO of Giada, participated in the summit and received the reward, which is another special honor for Giada after the company has won DCG Innovation Award for two consecutive years.

In nowadays innovative applications, such as cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things (IoT), are the most popular. IoT is regarded to represent the development trend of the future and it is quickly becoming popular in the world. IoT is enhancing revolution of numerous industries and improving the intelligent and automation level of the world. Giada is a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers and motherboards in China, which has been dedicated to providing products and solutions for cloud computing, big data, intelligent retail, smart education, AI, and industrial Automation.

Driven by technology innovation, Giada has invested much resources in development and manufacturing of servers. The company has launched a series of products adopting Intel’s XEON and Celeron processors, including NAS servers and motherboards. The company makes great efforts to improve the servers’ computing competence while make them more compact in design. The sales of servers realized 100 percent increase in 2017.

Embedded PC
IoT is an important component of the new generation of information technology. Embedded PC, as the origin of Internet of Things, serves as an control/communicate interface to realize interaction between human and machine and exchange of things. Giada has years of experience in manufacturing embedded PC. Its products have been widely applied in retail, banks, financial institutions, offices, schools, hospitals and etc. Giada is a leader and innovator in providing IoT resolutions for new retail, smart education, AI and industrial automation.

Application Software
While providing hardware products, Giada also offers a series of application management software. For example, Giada has launched GCVS video wall digital signage management system, GSM system applied in NAS servers and long-distance monitoring system for GIV servers. Giada is speeding up in realizing deeper customization and improving delivery speed in hardware and software systems.  

As partner of Intel IOTG, Giada keeps its space with Intel and it keeps innovating in servers, cloud computing, IoT equipment and solutions. It is striving to bring more new experience for its users and to make more contribution for the development of IoT industries in the world.

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