Giada Opens New Showroom Displaying Signage Solutions for Vertical Industries

Giada recently opens its brand new showroom, which displays its popular products, including media players, embedded motherboards, servers, and their application in five vertical industries, such as smart retail, smart education, healthcare, industrial automation, SME and public service. The showroom has attracted many visitors from home and abroad.

Giada, the number 1 media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, provides a full range of signage system products to meet different customer needs from various vertical industries and has a special focus on high quality. A full product lineup is available for different requirement that include entry-level, mid range, high-performance or semi-industrial signage players.

Solution for New Retail
While the content of digital signage is becoming high-definition and beautiful, there are retail vendors who splice two or more screens to create a digital signage experience with a larger display area and cooler visual effect. For example, when playing a vacuum cleaner advertising, 3 or 4 spliced screens can make full use of the screen space, and bring stunning visual effect.

In the center of the showroom, a video wall made of 9 screens broadcasts high-resolution photos and stunning videos. The video wall is supported by Giada’s newly-developed signage player G968.

To better support customers’ requirements for multi-display, which is more and more popular in shopping malls, Giada has also develop a series of multi-display players, such as the G468, a video-wall signage player with 4 HDMI ports and G367, a triple 4k player with discrete graphics engine.

For the multi-display series, Giada also has G330, a video-wall player with 6 DP outputs. To further enrich the series, Giada will soon launch players supporting 15-screen display solution, G1568.

OPS Series for Smart Education
The demo for smart education is supported by Giada’s latest OPS player. Giada, which has entered the OPS market for years, has a complete series of OPS products popular abroad, including PC68, a high-end Coffee Lake PC, Gemini Lake OPS Player PC25, high-end Kabylake OPS players-PC67.


Semi-industrial Players for Industrial Automation
To better support customers’ demand for industrial automation, Giada is enlarging its semi-industrial product family. Giada recently has released a 3.5-inch Bay Trail SBC, IBC 361. The embedded motherboard, whose operation temperature is -20°C ~ 70°C (-4 ~ 158°F), has three display ports.



High-performance Players for SME and public services
More and more kiosks and digital signage are put into use in the sector of public services, which help saves human power and make public service more convenient. To well support this application, Giada provides various high-performance players, including Skylake fanless signage player F302, book-size Whiskey Lake signage player D68 and fat-client with desktop CPU BQ67.

Embedded motherboards for Healthcare
Giada high-performance embedded motherboards are widely applied in healthcare. For example, Giada has provided H110DL series for one of China’s biggest manufacture base of ultrasound. The company applied H110DL in its B-mode ultrasound machine. “Its power performance in data and image processing and impressive stability, perfectly satisfied our requirement,” the customer said.


About Giada
Giada, a premium brand of Shenzhen JEHE Technology Development Co., Ltd. (JEHE), is committed to becoming an innovative and globally leading provider of products and solutions in cloud computing, big data, and IoT. Giada is dedicated to promoting the development of the global IoT (Internet of Things) and AI industry, focusing on new retail, smart education, health-care, enterprise, public services and industrial automation technology. Giada, ranking top 1 media player supplier in the German-speaking region, is a core partner of Intel in China, and an Associate Member of Intel ISA (IoT Solution Alliance) http://www.giadatech.com/.



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