Giada Launches Remo on Remote Management System
Giada launched a Smart Remote Management System, Remo on, according to a press release earlier this month. Remo on supports private and public cloud network and the system supports diversified and powerful functions, including group management, real-time monitoring and remote control.
“Remo on can help customers save labor costs effectively. Energy conservation and environmental protection have always been Giada's pursuit, and Remo on carries this idea through its logo image of green and sprouting saplings,” said Xu Baoqiang, the product director of Giada.

Remo on is independently designed and developed by Giada, based on years of research and development experience in software & hardware and the market demand. The system can significantly improve management and maintenance efficiency of remote devices. It helps save time and labor costs, as device problems can be detected and solved without sending technicians to the spot.

Caption: Key Benefits of Remo on
The core functions of Remo on includes group management, real-time monitoring, remote management and recovery and maintenance.

Giada media player F106D, VM23 are ready to support Remo on. And we are working on bringing more Giada new models to be compatible with Remo on. If customers need, they can purchase Giada media players with Remo on installed. Giada has been awarded the 1st Place Media Player at the Digital Signage Summit Europe and Giada has been providing products and services to more than 60 countries worldwide.
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