Giada PC610, high-end Comet Lake OPS Player
Giada PC610 is a high-end Comet Lake PC that supports Intel's (OPS) Open Pluggable Specification, providing easy upgrades, maintenance and ultra-high resolution graphics support. This high-end OPS player is particularly suitable for applications such as collaboration, education and smart retail.
The high-performance PC610 is driven by Intel’s latest 10th Gen processors, bringing organizations all the computing power and efficiency of these new Comet Lake LGA1200 socket CPUs with their fast integrated graphics and the Intel H470 chipset. This firm CPU and chipset foundation is backed by ample memory in two SO-DIMM slots that can provide up to 32GB of fast DDR4 DRAM. This slim but powerful PC is only 30mm high and runs from a 12V/19V power adapter, allowing it to be installed unobtrusively almost anywhere.
Powerful PC supported by Comet Lake CPUs
PC610 adopts Intel Comet Lake processors, which are manufactured on Intel's most up-to-date and optimized 14nm technology. The Comet Lake processors offer even greater CPU and graphics performance as compared to the previous generation. H470, the chipsets which PC610 adopts, with thermal design power (TDP) of only 35W, fit specific designs configurations with performance and low-power requirements.
Video outputs with up to 4K resolution are supported, via one DP/HDMI connection (in the slim and compact 80 Pin JAE OPS format) for display resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz, and one additional HDMI connection supporting 4k image.
The player has a USB Type-C port, which is tiny, reversible and universal. With this port, one cable can be used for multiple devices and it always plugs in right the first time. Besides, the onboard super-high-speed M.2 SSD slot (2242/2280 format) can provide high transmission speed bandwidth to enhance customers’ onsite interactive experience. The M.2 slots and other expansion options allow for huge, high speed, on board storage for applications that need it.
Ideal hardware choices for collaboration solutions
In a global business environment, collaboration across geographic and time boundaries makes the difference between success and failure. People at an organization must work together to perform basic tasks, cooperate with business partners, and fuel the innovation that companies need. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and advanced display hardware enable organizations to build teams across boundaries of all sorts.
PC610, with high performance, low power CPU and chipset, is an ideal support for video conference and smart presentation, where high-quality graphics and energy-efficient computing are needed.

Facilitating teaching with interactive whiteboards
In education, kids may be homeschooled or out sick, making engagement difficult to impossible. Students or people in training courses might also be traveling and need to participate from remote locations. Thus, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) are widely applied, which can enable people to learn together and enable the type of interactivity that can lead to success. PC610, the high-performance OPS player supporting 4k display, is an ideal choice for digital IWB solutions.
Various choices for OPS players
Giada, which has entered the OPS market for years, has a complete series of OPS products popular abroad, including Alder Lake OPS Player PC612, Coffee Lake OPS player PC68 and etc.
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