Giada Thin Client Awarded at China Hi-Tech Fair 2021
Giada thin client, model VT26, was awarded “Good Product” at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2021, according to a press release of the fair organizer.
China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF for short) is the largest and most influential scientific exhibition at present in China. CHTF makes commercialization of high-tech achievements, product exhibitions, high-level forums, investment invitation and information exchange all in one. Giada has exhibited at CHTF since 2018.
Giada VT26, a thin client powered by Intel® processors, can help streamline IT management while deliver enhanced graphics and responsive performance for smooth user experiences.
VT26 adopts Intel® Jaser Lake Celeron N4505/Celeron N5105/Pentium N6105 processors. It supports 4K display. The thin client has 8 USB ports, which enable it to support more external devices. It also features dual RJ45 interface. These features enable great user experiences with integrated graphics and responsive compute performance. 
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