Case Study
Giada DK310
Empowers Thousands of Jukeboxes in U.K.
Location: U.K.
Industry: Entertainment
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"The Giada DK310 is our choice for an embedded computer. Its compact size, long life cycle, and excellent performance make this product the perfect choice for our newest jukebox. Our customers can be assured of an excellent return on their investment."
Said Vice President of Operations & Hardware Engineering
  • Long product life cycle

  • Ultra-compact design

  • Removable MSATA slot


The customer is an automated musical instrument company with a century of experience in developing cutting-edge entertainment solutions for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industries. In quest to revolutionize complete entertainment packages encompassing music, videos, and digital signage applications, the customer aimed to create a compact, powerful, and cost-effective jukebox. A jukebox is a partially automated music-playing device, usually a coin-operated machine. The heart of this jukebox is a compact "core controller" designed to support audio and video outputs, as well as other essential I/O control functions.

Having collaborated with Giada since 2018 on various projects, the customer found Giada products to be exceptionally reliable, with a low return merchandise authorization (RMA) rate. Giada's latest offering, the DK310, distinguished by its ultra-compact design and extended life cycle, aligns seamlessly with the "core controller" concept, ensuring long-term deployment success. Out of the 2,000 Giada DK310 units procured by the customer, 1,000 have already been deployed in the United Kingdom.

Products Deployed

- Intel Celeron J6412 processor

- 4 GB , Onboard Dual-channel LPDDR4


- 1 x HDMI (Max. 3840 x 2160@60 Hz)

 1 x DP (Max. 3840 x 2160@60 Hz)

- LAN network access 

Key Benefits

Offers a product life cycle of up to 7 years, facilitating long-term deployment

Features an ultra-compact design, allowing seamless integration with the core controller

Provides cost-effective pricing to reduce the initial investment burden

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