Giada DN76, Android 11 Player Powered by RK3568

RK3568 Cortex-A55 processor

Giada recently has released a new Android 11 player, DN76. Giada DN76 is powered by RK3568 quad-core Cortex-A55 processor. The processor has multimedia decode/encode capability. It supports 4KP60 H.264/H.265/VP9 decoding. Besides, RK3568 has a built-in independent NPU with 1TOPs computing power. It enables Giada DN76 to be used for lightweight AI applications.

4K Display

With Mali-G52 GPU, DN76 can support a 4K video and a 1080P video playback simultaneously. For display capability, DN76 can support up to two screen output, with an HDMI2.0 and an HDMI1.4 display ports, and it also supports both landscape & portrait display mode.

Energy Saving Design

DN76 adopts RK3568, a low power quad-core processor with TDP 6W.
Besides, powered by patented JAHC (JIEHE Active Hardware Control) technology, DN76 supports auto power on function, which can setup automatic startup and shutdown time in a weekly cycle. This function can help users save power consumption.
DN76 adopts ultra-compact design which is applicable in space-limited scenarios.
Dual screen 4K Android box with RK3568 CPU

More Android players

Giada has a full range of Android players, including DN72 powered by RK3288, DN73 powered by RK3328 and DN74 powered by RK3399 and HDMI-IN Player DN75 powered by RK3399.
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