Giada Green Signage Solutions Demonstrated at DSSE

Giada's distributor in Deutsch area, Concept, participated in Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS Europe) 2023, and showcased latest Giada signage players.

DSS Europe 2023 was held during 5-6 July at Munich, Germany.  The event convenes leaders from technology, communication, media, retail and corporate to address the state of experiences and discuss trends and drivers for the year ahead. DSS Europe is the world’s longest running global digital signage event series presented as a joint-venture from Integrated Systems Events (ISE) and invidis consulting.

In today's fast-paced world, where environmental consciousness is more important than ever, businesses are actively seeking sustainable solutions for their signage needs. Green signage is one of the topics in the DSSE. Giada, the best-selling media player in Deutsch area, has been focusing on developing green signage by technical innovation. Giada green signage players have features as following:

Powerful Performance with Low Power Consumption

Giada's signage players strike the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. Equipped with high-performance processors and cutting-edge graphics capabilities, Giada signage players deliver stunning visuals and smooth multimedia playback. What sets them apart is their ability to achieve such impressive performance levels while consuming minimal power. This unique combination allows businesses to showcase dynamic content and captivating visuals without compromising on sustainability.

Long life cycle

Sustainability is not only about energy efficiency; it's also about ensuring the longevity and durability of the products we use. Giada understands this aspect and designs their signage solutions to be robust and long-lasting. By utilizing high-quality materials, adhering to rigorous manufacturing standards, and adopting CPU with long life cycle, Giada ensures that their products have a prolonged lifecycle. This approach reduces the frequency of replacements, minimizing electronic waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Patented Technology

JAHC, integrated in all Giada digital signage players, can help schedule displays. JAHC is a hardware- based patented technology which helps users manage the devices easily. JAHC integrated in the bios enables end users to set up automatic startup and shutdown schedule, one week as a circle. This function can avoid devices running outside working hours and help users save power expenses significantly.

Green Packaging

When choosing a hardware partner, it’s always worth enquiring about how environmentally friendly their packaging is. Giada digital signage players packaging materials are recyclable, containing no hazardous substances and comply with EU packaging directives and other national requirements.

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