Giada Mini-ITX Motherboard for Complex Kiosk and Gaming Machines
Giada IB5-8131, a newly-released Mini-ITX motherboard, is designed to meet the demands of complex kiosk projects and Gaming Machines, setting new standards in performance and versatility.

At the heart of this motherboard lay the powerful Intel® B760 chipset, a symbol of cutting-edge technology and seamless functionality. Paired with this chipset was the capability to support DDR5 memory, unleashing unparalleled speed and efficiency for a truly remarkable computing experience.

What set the Giada IB5-8131 apart from the rest was its PCIe 5.0 x16 expansion, opening doors to a world of possibilities for expansion and customization. This feature allowed for seamless integration of high-performance components, ensuring that even the most demanding applications could be tackled with ease.

In a world where visual excellence mattered, the Giada motherboard did not disappoint. With its support for 8K resolution, it delivered breathtaking visuals that captivated the senses and set new benchmarks for display quality. Whether it was immersive gaming experiences or stunning digital displays, the IB5-8131 was ready to elevate them to new heights. 

This extraordinary motherboard boasted a rich array of I/O ports, including 2 x RJ45 and 4 x COM ports, providing unparalleled flexibility and supporting customization for a wide range of applications. This meant that intricate kiosk projects and Gaming Machines could be tailored to perfection, meeting the unique needs of every endeavor.

The samples of IB5-8131 are available, customers interested in this model can contact your account manager for more information.

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