Giada Released Alder Lake-N Digital Signage Player, F108D
Giada recently has released a new book-size embedded PC powered by Intel Alder Lake-N processors, F108D. With Intel UHD Graphics supporting 4K Display via 2 x HDMI and 1 x DP ports, Giada F108D features rich I/O ports and fanless design. It's an ideal choice for digital signage and kiosk applications.

Intel® Alder Lake-N Processors

Giada F108D adopts Intel® Alder Lake-N processors, featuring low-power range from 6-15W. Intel® Alder Lake-N processors come with improved performance, breakthrough memory & I/O features, and an improved user experience over prior generations of entry processors.

Rich I/O Ports

The book-size embedded PC supports rich I/O ports, including dual COM ports, 6 USB Type-A and dual LAN ports. It can be easily integrated in vending machine, self-service and check-in kiosks.

Supporting 3 Display Outputs

The digital signage player adopts Intel® UHD Graphics. It has a DP and two HDMI ports, supporting resolutions up to 4096 x 2160@60Hz. It's an energy-efficient mini PC that is perfect for high-volume digital signage projects.

Fanless Design

With a passive thermal cooling system, the fanless design reduces the failure rate and makes the device running with noise-free and dustproof. Giada F108D has fanless version which is driven by Intel N100 processors. It's applicable in mission critical applications.
Besides, a robust metal enclosure and a proven mounting bracket of the digital signage player allow space-saving placement behind flat screens, under ceiling tiles and in pedestals.

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