Giada Unveils OPS Powered by Intel® Raptor Lake Processors
Giada, a globally leading brand of embedded computing solutions, has announced the release of its latest OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) system powered by Intel® Raptor Lake Core processors. The new OPS PC613, which combines compact form factor and powerful performance, is set to revolutionize smart education and conference applications.

The Giada PC613, equipped with Intel's cutting-edge Raptor Lake Core i3-1315U and i5-1335U processors, promises a significant boost in computing power and enhanced efficiency. Built on Intel's advanced architecture, the Raptor Lake processors are designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience with their increased core counts, higher clock speeds, and improved power management capabilities.
The OPS form factor is particularly popular for its versatility, allowing for easy integration into existing displays or devices without the need for complex cabling. Giada's PC613 aims to provide a seamless and streamlined solution for IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) applications.
Key features of Giada's OPS include:
Intel® Raptor Lake Core Processors: Giada PC613 is powered by Intel's latest Raptor Lake Core i3-1315U and i5-1335U processors, delivering responsive performance for demanding computing tasks.
Compact and Modular Design: Giada PC613 adheres to the Open Pluggable Specification standard, enabling it to be effortlessly plugged into OPS-compatible displays or devices, simplifying installation and maintenance.
Supporting 8K Display: PC613 support max. 8K display via the 80 Pin JAE connector. On the front panel, it also has an HDMI 2.0a port to connect a second 4K@60Hz display. 

Enhanced Security Features: With Intel's built-in security technologies, such as Intel® Intel® vPro and TPM 2.0 (optional), Giada PC613 ensures robust security against potential threats.

Giada provides a full range of OPS models. Besides PC613, Giada also offers PC612 powered by Intel® 12th Gen. Alder Lake Processors. Giada OPS series are expected to make a significant impact in industries where space-saving, high-performance computing solutions are crucial. The release of the new model of PC613 has already generated significant interest among businesses and developers looking to incorporate advanced computing capabilities into their projects.

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