Intel Invites Giada to Participate SDM Plug-fest Event
Giada was invited by Intel to participate the SDM Plug-fest event held in Penang, Malaysia from Oct. 12-13. Tests showed that Giada SDM-L611 is compatible well with screens of Philips and Newline.

Over the years, digital displays have evolved, demanding for power-efficient performance with universal standardize and interoperable computer systems. SDM modules deliver just where we serve as the catalyst to deliver scalable intelligent display experiences.
During the event, Intel and industry experts also shared business directions, roadmaps and use cases of Intel SDM. As reference designer of Intel SDM-L, Giada continuously develops Intel SDM with up-to-date Intel CPU platform.

Giada has developed SDM-L611 powered by Intel Tiger Lake processors and will launch SDM-L613 powered by Intel's 13th Gen. CPU soon. The company can also provides SDM-S adopting Intel Cherry Trail processors.

SDM-L611 Supporting 8K Display
Giada SDM-L611 is powered by Intel’s 11th Gen Core U-Series processors (formerly Tiger Lake). The module can perform a vivid 8K resolution, ensuring a truly immersive audience view experience. The module measuring just 175 x 110 mm, is well-suited for ultra-slim displays. It's optimized for digital signage, interactive flat panel displays, interactive touch computers, video walls, etc.
Besides Philips and Newline, Giada SDM-L611 also passed the compatible tests with displays from SHARP-NEC, Panasonic, etc.

SDM-L613 Powered by Intel 13th Gen. CPU
Giada SDM-L613 is powered by Intel Raptor Lake processors and it can support Max. 8K display. Raptor Lake processors with the combination of P (performance) and E (efficient) cores, reduce power consumption while provide higher performance. SDM-L613 supports Intel vPro technology and DDR5 memory.
SDM-S Supporting Multiple Operating Systems
Giada SDM-S module adopts Cherry Trail Atom® X5-Z8350, the ultra-low power-consumption (TDP 4W) processor. The module can support Windows, Linux and Android 5.1.
The module can be easily connected to an SDM-compliant display via a high-speed PCIe X8 edge connector, which supports max 4K resolution displays and 1080p video streaming.

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