Introducing JAHC Management System for Hardware Control
JAHC, JEHE Active Hardware Control management system includes both hardware Microcontroller Unit (MCU) and software (JAHC Technology Manager). The reliable system is a patented technology of Giada, which is independent of OS.

JAHC can avoid devices running in non-working hours and help users save power consumption significantly. At the heart of the system were three key functions: Auto power on, RTC wake up, and watchdog timer.

Auto power on was a feature that allowed users to schedule their devices to turn on automatically at a specified time. Whether it was a computer, server, or any other electronic device, JAHC made it possible to start the day with everything up and running, ready to go. This function was a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their operations and ensure maximum efficiency from the get-go.

RTC wake up, short for Real-Time Clock wake up, was another standout feature of the JAHC Management System. With this function, users could set their devices to wake up from sleep mode at a designated time, ensuring that they were ready and waiting whenever needed. Whether it was for scheduled updates, maintenance tasks, or important alerts, RTC wake up provided a reliable and convenient way to keep devices active and responsive.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the JAHC Management System was its watchdog timer. This function acted as a silent guardian, monitoring the system for any signs of malfunction or unresponsiveness. If a device failed to respond within a specified timeframe, the watchdog timer would automatically reset the system or trigger a predefined action to prevent downtime and ensure continuous operation.

With Auto power on, RTC wake up, and watchdog timer, the JAHC Management System heralded a new era of efficiency, reliability, and control in the world of technology. And as users embraced this reliable solution, they knew that their devices were in good hands with JAHC – the ultimate guardian of hardware performance and optimization.

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