Introducing the Powerful Giada D Series Embedded Computers
Giada, a leading tech company offering digital signage player, embedded computer, edge AI computer, OPS/SDM and embedded motherboards, is proud to present its D Series embedded computers. 

Among these cutting-edge devices are two flagship models, the Giada D613 powered by the formidable Raptor Lake-P CPU and the Giada D612 featuring the high-performance Alder Lake-P CPU. These compact yet powerful machines are popular among our customers for their exceptional capabilities and versatility.

The Giada D613, equipped with the advanced Raptor Lake-P CPU, delivers unparalleled processing power and efficiency. Its processors (Intel Core i3-1315U/i5-1335U) ensure seamless multitasking, enhanced graphics performance, and optimized power consumption.

The player uses the integrated Intel UHD (Core i3) plus Intel Iris Xe (Core i5) graphics, which can play up to four 4K displays (4096 x 2304 @60Hz) via four HDMI 2.0 ports. With its compact dimensions, the device fits perfectly behind flat screens or disappears invisibly into thin kiosk systems. Furthermore, TPM 2.0 and Intel vPro are optionally available. The D613 can support the 5G mobile network. It is perfect for retail showrooms, interactive kiosk systems or event spaces.

For Giada D613, besides the version with 4 x 4k display, you can also choose option supporting 8K display, according to your project needs. The 8K version supports 2 x HDMI (4K@60Hz) and 1 x DP1.4 (8K@60Hz).

On the other hand, the Giada D612, powered by the innovative Alder Lake-P CPU, offers exceptional computing power and flexibility. The Alder Lake-P CPU's hybrid architecture combines high-performance and high-efficiency cores, enabling superior multitasking capabilities and energy efficiency. Whether used for digital signage, edge computing, kiosks, or other IoT applications, the Giada D612 provides a reliable and responsive solution for demanding computing tasks.

Both the Giada D613 and D612 are designed to meet the stringent requirements of embedded applications, featuring robust construction, and extensive connectivity options. With support for multiple displays, rich I/O interfaces, and flexible mounting options, these embedded computers offer unparalleled versatility for diverse deployment scenarios.

In conclusion, the Giada D Series embedded computers, including the D613 with Raptor Lake-P CPU and D612 with Alder Lake-P CPU, represent the combination of compact size and high performance. Whether you are looking for enhanced processing power, energy efficiency, or versatile connectivity, Giada has the perfect solution for your embedded computing needs. Experience the future of embedded computing with Giada D Series and unlock endless possibilities for your projects.

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