The Reasons Why Porsche Choose Giada Digital Signage Player
Retailers like famous brand chain stores, are under pressure to create compelling, interactive, and highly personalized content and experiences to attract discerning shoppers into stores. Once inside, the goal is to engage and delight shoppers, leading to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and sales.
Famous brands once relied on display cases and print media that were expensive, took a long time to execute, had a brief life cycle, and weren’t always installed at all stores. In recent years, more and more band stores have shifted toward digital signage solutions. They combine conventional merchandising with high definition digital displays and planned creative content that would drive customers' awareness of their brands.

Giada D611 -- Choice of Porsche

Motive Design, a design company specialized in Content Design for digital media out of home, was approved by Porsche Brazil and Germany to execute and tropicalize audio and digital signage projects for Porsche stores in Brazil. Porsche's new store, called Destination Porsche, demands a digital signage solution with the most advanced customer touch points, which can transform the retail environment into a digital experience. After comparison, they chose Giada D611 digital signage player for the project.

"The project is a sales success. We are grateful for the professionalism of Giada," said CEO of the Motiv Design.
Giada D611 was chosen for its unique features, including:

 Supporting 8K display:
Giada D611 can supports 8K display and up to three full HD digital signage displays, which helps improve customer interactions and boost purchasing intent.

 High reliability
This signage player's reliability is demonstrated by the low failure rate since it was installed. Failures, few and far between, are usually caused by issues related to cabling or power supply; and not hardware.

 Compact design & easy installation
D611 adopts compact design and supports VESA Mount, which can be mounted on the back of the digital signage displays in the Porsche stores. This eased installation and presented a tidy appearance.

 Stable delivery & convenient update
Giada was chosen by many brands like Porsche for its stable product delivery capability. Giada's main stream digital signage players adopt the similar form factor, which enable customers to update the digital signage players conveniently.  

Specifically, How & Where Can Giada D611 be Applied

Featuring a compact body with top-notch internal components, Giada D611 has received positive responses from multiple clients. The powerful digital signage player can be applied in the following sections:

Advertising display: it is a primary function of an in-store digital signage player. Combining with a screen, all the enticing messages will be presented to the target clients. 

Interactive board/wayfinding: to improve people's experience, providing customers with a self-service option, a digital signage player with a touchscreen is the best partner. Typically, the machine outside a store, with the screen displaying options like "more information" and "coupons," can provide interactive services.

Product information: honestly, many people prefer to avoid being followed by the clerks, but once they are interested in a product, they need to be informed of all its information. In this way, a digital signage player can decode all the messages about the specific product and send it to the screen to present a whole picture of the products, which will be more detailed than a clerk's words. Giada D611 can also realize product-to-product display. When clients put the product on the sensor spot, the relative information will jump out immediately, creating a highly intelligent or even magic vibe. 

Queuing controller: holidays or impressive discounts always bring huge foot traffic, which also cramps the store, minimizing the customer experience. In this way, the queuing controller, supported by digital signage players, can distribute the traffic, creating a viable customer environment. 

Menu board: Giada D611 can also be introduced to some restaurants and wine cellars. And a digital menu can show all the products on a small page, providing customers with a complete understanding of the business. 


Seize and follow the trend, making your business more adaptable to the modern rhythm, and Giada will always back up all the digitization development in every industry and business. You can contact us for more information about our digital signage player. 
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