Discover NowSignage, a cloud-based content management system (CMS)
that can be utilised across all industries. Specialising in digital display solutions,
NowSignage is the ideal option when it comes to captivating audiences
and enhancing communication.
If you are wanting to transform your workspace or business with dynamic,
eye-catching displays - look no further! Get in touch today and elevate your signage game.
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Solutions by NOWSIGNAGE
and Giada

Android and Windows powered by Giada are compatible with NowSignage Digital Signage CMS. With NowSignage being cloud-based, users can easily manage their content from a remote condition with instant updates with NowSignage OnDemand and Overrides. All features available from NowSignage can be used by all users at no additional cost.

With NowSignage, you can also create video walls, interactive touchscreens and with additional plug-ins you can utilise weather triggers and trigger content based on the demographics of customers. NowSignage offer a strong network of support and technical teams on-hand to offer support when needed.

Tested models compatible with NowSignage: Android (DN73, DN74, DN76) and Windows (F108D, VM23).

Solution Benefits
  • Secure and Reliable
    Secure and Reliable
    Feel safe when using NowSignage with their robust secure cloud storage and protection. With that, NowSignage proudly supports offline mode. If you lose your internet connection, you can be rest assured that your displays will still play the content you have scheduled.
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Use
    The NowSignage platform has been developed to ensure users from all backgrounds are able to use the software without any vigorous training. The software is that simple, users can learn how to use it within 30 minutes!
  • Custom Integrations
    Custom Integrations
    NowSignage proudly offers a wide range of custom integrations to elevate your digital signage like never before. From social media integrations to Microsoft Power BI, you can use digital screens to increase engagement and communication to the extreme.
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