About PADS4
PADS4 is more than a smart digital platform developed by NDS.
The PADS4 product enables you to deliver high-end solutions for workspace management,
digital signage,visitor management, wayfinding and much more.
PADS4 is widely praised for its data driven features and suitability for any vertical market,
with airports as historical expertise. PADS4 is available for both on-premises and SaaS installations.
If needed with additional services.
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Solutions by PADS4
and Giada
Giada offers a full range of media players from entry level to high performance to meet all the different customer needs. Giada Media players have officially been certified by PADS4 digital signage software. The combination of Giada hardware and PADS4 software provides fantastic solutions for the digital signage market such as advertising, digital menu boards, smart meeting room etc.
Solution Benefits
  • Refresh old display hardware
    Refresh old display hardware
    Giada players easily turns older screens into
    faster ones
  • Multiple HDMI
    Multiple HDMI
    Create stunning video walls with just one
    Giada player with 4 HDMI outputs
  • Small form factor
    Small form factor
    The Giada players have small bodies with high
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