About Wallboard
Wallboard is an enterprise-grade digital signage Content Management System (CMS)
that provides a complete toolset to manage one or many screen networks with dynamic content.
Wallboard has advanced but easy-to-use content creation tools for creating, editing and formatting
content plus easy live data integrations, no-code interactivity tools, and many more features.
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Solutions by Wallboard and Giada
Wallboard has written a custom firmware for these certified Giada media players to
optimize the performance of dynamic digital signage content.

With this software/hardware combination, end users are able to create rich and layered content using many different dynamic widgets and animations as well as a combination of videos and other media assets. List of Certified Players: DN73, DN74 and DN75
Solution Benefits
  • Flexible OS
    Flexible OS
    End users can choose between Android and Windows at different price points depending on content needs
  • Small Form Factor
    Small Form Factor
    Giada offers a compact device that
    can easily fit behind any display
  • Great Price Point
    Great Price Point
    Giada offers hardware with some of
    the best price points in the industry
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