About easescreen
For more than 20 years, easescreen has played a leading role in shaping
the digital signage industry. Over 10,000 active networks worldwide
demonstrate our technological leadership.

easescreen delivers professional solutions for simple and intuitive content
distribution, even in complex and dynamic scenarios. Regional trained
partners in 100+ countries provide expertise and know-how for your
customized solution - from digital door signs to a global digital signage
network. easescreen doesn’t chase trends – it allows you to set trends.
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Solutions by easescreen and Giada
All windows powered Giada players are compatible with easescreen  Digital Signage.
The possibilities range from simple signage content all the way up to complex HTML5 animations or interactive sensors such as lift & learn and audience measurement.

With easescreen , you can also create around-the-clock videowalls and advanced interactive applications such as touchscreens, motion detectors, RFID readers, or barcode readers. All is possible with easescreen  – the One Solution for All Applications.
Solution Benefits
  • One Solution for All Applications
    One Solution for All Applications
    Out of the box or individually adapted: easescreen easily scales and adapts to all types of projects
  • Platform for All Types of Digital Content
    Platform for All Types of Digital Content
    In just a few simple steps, you can create and distribute engaging content in any format
  • End-to-End Encrypted Security
    End-to-End Encrypted Security
    Government-level end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum security
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