Giada Products and Solutions in Smart Government Scenarios
GITEX, the 3rd largest technology event of 2015, is taking on its fourth day, thousands of international technology buyers, distributors and suppliers are flocking to the exhibition halls, in search for innovative products and solutions. Giada technology is also in full swung to interact with visitors who stop by our booth and want to know more features of our solutions.
SHEIKH SAEED (Government) halls at GITEX 2015

As the next highlight of the tradeshow, we will visit a very interesting exhibition today and continue our research on various applications in governmental segments which could fit into Giada’s product portfolio. Continuing the previous introduction of digital signage applications in retail industry, we will shift our focus on government scenarios which are fully presented in the SHEIKH SAEED (Government) halls at GITEX 2015.

Let's start with some fancy supercars used by Dubai Government!

In terms of vehicle management, Giada mini PC with its robust construction and high durability design would be the ideal device for vehicle tracking system, also automation control for vehicle test systems.

In the exhibition hall, the definition of “smart government” is clearly demonstrated by various digital signage and interactive devices with specialized applications and solutions.

Governments of all countries are confronted with the challenge of how to improve the efficiency of information distribution and interactive systems to satisfy public requests. Website information is not the only choice to ensure that the public is well-received with government policy, regulations or services. Different techniques and measures are necessary to distribute the information in the way that citizens have widest accessibility at greatest convenience. For those purposes, new generations of digital signage and interactive systems are implemented in governmental institutions.

As a matter of fact, Giada technology has taken a lead and showed distinct advantages on digital signage and automation applications for years. In contrast to the pure entertainment functions, high demands for security, stability and durability in government institutions are the upmost requirements. Giada’s embedded products can be seamlessly integrated and deployed for different configurations and intelligent management options.

In 2014, the Chief Emirates of Dubai has announced to launch the “Intelligent Dubai” project, and make Dubai the most intelligent city in the world in three years. The Dubai government is ambitious and carry out more than 100 policies and measures to optimize the infrastructure and service facilities. This project will lead to a revolutionary transform of governmental operation modes and promote the widest innovation of digital signage in interactive inquiry, online registration and application, information downloads etc.

All the efforts of Dubai government have brought great growth opportunities for smart solution product providers like Giada technology, who will seize the favorable trend and provide innovative product and solution s for smart city and government.
Digital Signage with big-size display

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