Smart Solutions in Transport System and Service
GITEX Day 5, the exhibition is approaching its final day, Let’s move to outside of Dubai World Trade Center to discover some interesting application implementation in the transportation system of the luxurious metropolis known as “Pearl of the Gulf”.

As an important component of “Intelligent Dubai”, the transportation facilities and services have been attached great priority by the local government. In addition, international travelers flocking to Dubai every year, pushing the importance of an efficient and intelligent transportation system and service to the forefront.

Let’s start experiencing the transportation services at Dubai Metro and find out which solutions and service could utilize Giada’s products and solutions.

Information Termincal

The information terminal act as an interactive map and route guide device, embedded with wider range of user-friendly and helpful features. The provided information contains not only maps, locations and train status, some devides can also provide suggestions, route guide, as well as customized commercial information.

Dubai Metro Station Information Display

The station information distribution systems in Dubai metro is well developed and the metro station is covered with WIFI connectivity. Plenty of audio and video display systems are facilitated to bring the passengers more comfort and convenience.

Digital Signage Advertisements

As the large population passing by in the public transportation stations every day, the merchants won’t let any chance slip off without making their products and service being seen and heard. Various digital signage solutions via hypermedia are adopted to increase the brand exposure. Giada can flexibly provide diversified solutions of both discrete graphics and integrated graphics, and support both single-screen display and multi-screen display, reaching the widest target customers in digital signage application.

Airport Information system

For long distance transportation public places like airport, train station and long route bus station, the information distribution systems of ticket reservation, passenger guidance, departure & arrival time-line etc should be on around clock running and stay out of malfunction. And, Giada’s digital signage series mini PC such as i58Band its kind, D330 can be perfectly utilized in these scenes, with high efficiency and low power consumption.

Apart from the vehicles and their peripheral facilities, the traffic control and surveillance systems are the macroscopic and active way to keep the transportation in order and achieve the best state step by step. Giada products are easy-to-deploy and can be customized according to the features of cold data storage, low request for data reading and simplification of maintenance in traffic control systems. Moreover, Giada products are featured with rich connectivity for storage and functional expansion.

To sum up, we are really impressed by the advanced transportation system in Dubai. As the last day of Gitex, we have experienced the latest benchmark products and technologies throughout the world and rub shoulders with professional pioneers. We hold great confidence that Giada will spark more innovative solutions in future!
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