Overview of Giada NAS Servers

It has been over half a year since it was announced that several net disk providers stopped user data storage and sharing service. Although some net disks can still be used, many of their functions are incomplete. In this circumstance, it is difficult for users to realize data synchronization and online sharing when their mobile phones’ storage is full. Therefore they have to resort to their USBs and data wires, which haven’t been used for a long time. Fortunately, the Giada NAS servers, which can help users store their pictures, videos, work documents and various other data, are emerging in market. The GS68, produced by JIEHE Technology Development Co. Ltd, which can support storage expansion and backup, is a safe choice for users.



Compared with individual users, commercial users have higher requirements for the response speed, processing efficiency, expansion convenience and environment safety of servers’ storage application. The brand new GS-series NAS servers produced by JEHE and the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) developed based on Linux, can help commercial users deploy storage net quickly and manage their data conveniently, and the GS-series servers are regarded to be a good choice to help enterprises maximize its investment return.



Giada GS20: storage solution for small and growing enterprises

Giada GS20, with the design of two disks, adopts Intel® Celeron® dual-core processor (1.6GHz). The server, whose memory is 2GB (up to 8GB), has four USB3.0, two RJ-45 and an M-SATA, which enables the server to expand storage and to improve data transmission speed. It is suitable for small and growing company users, who need multi-function servers and consolidated storage.



Giada GS40: storage solution for small-and-medium enterprises and professional work group

Giada GS40, with four disks, supports Intel® Celeron® quad-core processor (1.6GHz), has a memory of 4GB (up to 8GB). It features two RJ-45, 3 USB 3.0 and M-SATA. It supports various backup methods, such as backing up data in local shared files and external connection, online shared files, GSM compatible or public cloud servers. It realizes operation through PC or mobile (mobile phone/pad) and data synchronization, which can help users store, backup and share their files more conveniently.



Giada GS63:  the efficient, safe and reliable storage solution for enterprises

Giada GS63, equipped with six disks, can be deployed in a short time. It adopts the 6th generation Intel® Core® duo-core CPU (3.7GHz). It features 4GB DDR4 memory (up to 32GB), PCIe, four  RJ-45, which can provide outstanding hardware support for system data reading and transmission. It supports file sharing among Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The server, safe and reliable, has high-level protection devices to help users avoid potential security breaches.


Giada GS68:solution for mass file storage and heavy workload processing

GS68, star product of GS series, has the same appearance as GS63, but its hardware configuration is much better. The server, which adopts 4nm Intel®Xeon® quad-core processor (2.4GHz), can be configured with 5 discs in a short time. It features 4GB DDR4 memory (up to 128GB), M.2, PCIe 3.0 x 16, two RJ-45 and two10GbE (optional), and can be compatible with SSD. The server can help users transmit and process files smoothly and efficiently.



JEHE Technology Development Company, which produces servers supporting enterprise mailbox, backup, Web, MYSQL and FTP, provides various storage solutions for users in different industries. The Giada servers realize precise authority control among users towards files by setting special, universal and download rights. The servers, supporting document download and online editing, long-distance operation and collaboration OA, can create higher NAS value for commercial users through combined function of storage, application and online surfing.



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