Giada Din-Rail Industrial Control PC

Giada Tech, a leading manufacturer of embedded PCs, motherboards, servers and storage devices, has launched an industrial control PC, AS20-F1, to support its customers for the applications in harsh environments.

AS20-F1,which adopts Intel Bay Trail Atom E3815 processor, features fanless and rugged design, rich connectivity and various computing choices. The PC has wide applications, including factory automation control, indoor & outdoor smart control devices, digital signage, multimedia applications, and installation into cabinets and kiosks.



All the adopted components are strictly tested to ensure the industrial control PC's wide operating temperature from -40℃ ~ 70℃ and its wide input range from DC12-24V. Besides, to secure the connectivity, all the serial ports, DIO ports and DC input use phoenix connecter which can be secured by screws.



It can support 6 serial ports and the optional RS232/RS422/RS485 signals can be adjusted by BIOS. There are also 4 in & 4 out DIO ports, 6 USB and 2 RJ45 and an optional VGA or DVI video output. Thanks to its mini-PCIe for WIFI/BT/3G, the wireless internet is also available.



The Giada AS20 adopts Atom E3815 with its frequency up to 2.16GHz. This model is also compatible with E3825, E3845 and Celeron N2807 according to customers' different requirements.

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