Giada Mini PC: Best Alternative for Intel NUC in Kiosk Solutions
Intel spokesperson Mark Walton said that Intel had "decided to stop direct investment in the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) Business and pivot our strategy to enable our ecosystem partners to continue NUC innovation and growth."
When it comes to finding the best alternative for Intel NUC in kiosk solutions, the Giada Mini PC series is indeed a strong contender. Giada offers a range of high-quality mini PCs that are well-suited for kiosk applications. Here are a few Giada Mini PC models that are considered among the best alternatives to Intel NUC for kiosks:

Giada DF612: DF612 is powered by Intel Alder Lake Core processors. The embedded PC can support 8K display, Wi-Fi 6E and Intel vPro technology. It's perfectly suitable for interactive kiosk applications.
Giada DF613: DF613 adopts Intel's 13th Generation (Raptor Lake). It supports 4 x HDMI and 8K display. With Rich I/O interface, fanless design, and capacity for 24/7 operation, the embedded PC is an ideal choices for high demanding kiosk solutions.
with 2 x SO DIMM DDR4 Memory up to 32GB and supports 4K Display via it’s 1 x DP and 1 x HDMI ports, with 1 x M-key M.2 (2242/2280) for SATA/NVMe and 1 x Full Size Mini-PCIe for mSATA/WiFi/3G/4G.
Giada BQ612: With Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake hybrid architecture and Intel UHD graphics, Giada BQ612 can deliver incredible clarity for 4K/60P UHD resolution. It can also support 8K (optional). BQ612 is ideal for kiosks and other text- and graphics-intense applications.
It's important to consider the specific requirements of your kiosk solution, such as processing power, graphics capabilities, connectivity options, and form factor. Giada Mini PCs offer a variety of models with different specifications to cater to various needs. Assessing your specific requirements and comparing them with the features offered by different Giada Mini PC models will help you determine the best alternative for your Intel NUC in a kiosk solution.

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