Giada Provides Multiple Embedded Solutions for Smart Lockers
With the continuous development of the express industry, smart lockers are widely deployed in residential areas, office buildings, campuses, communities and other places to provide self-service, effectively solved the "last mile" problem of express delivery.

Growth of Smart Locker Market

The size of the global smart parcel locker market could reach USD 1782.73 million by 2029 growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% from 2022 to 2029, according to Exactitude Consultancy’s recent study and projections.


Requirements for embedded PC

The smart locker provides a series of services including parcel deposit, SMS notification, temporary storage, and pickup. As the core hardware of the smart parcel locker, the embedded computer needs to have multiple I/O interfaces for controlling cabinet door opening, ICI, video monitoring, SMS sending, advertising playback, voice prompts, identification, barcode scanning, etc.; At the same time high reliability and stability are also required to ensure that works keep 7*24h uninterrupted and stable operation.

Features of Giada embedded PC-BQ612

To meet this trend, Giada developed embedded PC BQ612 and embedded motherboard EN-J6412DL. They are ideal hardware choices for smart lockers. 
Giada BQ612 is powered by Intel® 12th Gen processors in the LGA1700 socket. It has high stability to work for 7*24h. Giada BQ612 also features numerous I/O ports, including six USB2.0, two USB3.2 and one USB-C, as well as two LAN ports.
The embedded PC has display ports of VGA and HDMI, supporting multiple combinations of dual-screen asynchronous display, operation interface and advertising playback simultaneously. It can also support various OS, including Windows 11 (64bit) and Linux Ubuntu (64bit), which can meet requirements of different software configuration environment.
The thickness of BQ612 is only 3.5cm, perfect to embed into the smart lockers with a more beautiful appearance.

Giada Embedded MB designed for smart locker

The embedded motherboard EN-J6412DL, adopting Celeron® J6412 processor, is based on Intel® IOTG roadmap with 7+ years lifespan. It can support 24/7 operation. The compact-designed SBC features rich I/O, including 1 x 10pin GPIO, 2 x 1 Gigabit LAN, 8 x USB, two serial ports to meet all data transmission and connectivity requirements in kiosk applications.
Measuring 146mm by 102mm, Giada EN-J6412DL runs on 12V~24V wide-range DC power and works with both Windows® 11/10 and Linux Ubuntu operating systems.
Both models integrate JAHC, a patented reliable technology independent of OS. JAHC enables the two models to support functions such as Wake On Lan, auto power on, and watchdog to realize automatic fault recovery and uninterrupted operation during unattended operation.
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