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Over 500,000 kiosk devices worldwide are running smoothly on Giada embedded computers. We have deep partnerships with equipment manufacturers and solution integrators in over 60 countries. We understand industry needs and continuously optimize our embedded products and technical support.
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Voice of Customer:

"We have a total of 1,180 Starbucks coffee outlets in South Korea, and we have been using Giada devices in many outlets. Giada's products are stable, cost-effective and Giada provides good after-sales service. We are going to continue cooperation with Giada."

Starbucks Operations Director - Jeongwoo Shin

Solution Requirements:

Long-term reliability and stability: when the QSR projects are deployed across multiple business locations, the customer demand devices that could run stably for extended periods without failure to enhance service efficiency.

Low-redundancy hardware: Customers at restaurants demand swift responsiveness from QSR devices, while QSR operators need to strike a balance between hardware performance and cost. The Giada team can provide professional advice and technical support tailored to their needs.

Long lifecycle, stable supply: Hardware adaptation is a significant cost consideration for solution providers. They demand a stable and long-lasting product supply, which can help serve more customers at lower R&D costs.

Voice of Customer:

"We needed reliable and compact embedded computers for our digital signage solution. The Giada DK310 was proven to be an ideal choice for the hospital self-service terminals. The PC is compatible with the Linux Operation System we used."

Said the Operations Manager

Solution Requirements:

24 / 7 operation: only when kiosk devices can withstand round-the-clock operation, utilizing kiosk devices can offer customers more flexible and convenient services.

Scalability and compatibility: while deploying Check-in/Check-out kiosk, customer habits needs to be comprehensively considered. Printers, NFC, scanners, digital keyboards and so on require the embedded computers to have sufficient I/O expansion.

Voice of Customer:

"In our cooperation with Giada, their profession, efficiency, and response speed left a deep impression on us. Giada's Android player well met our needs for queueing machines. We just used 3 month to complete the validation to the first project deployment."

Said the project manager

Solution Requirements:

Professional technical support: As the Queue management system comprises a complete system including self-registration, networking, and information dissemination, the solution provider requires excellent technical support to ensure the entire project operates smoothly.

Easy maintenance and management: To manage and maintain the equipment easily, the users demand remote control technology. The JAHC remote control system pre-installed in Giada devices can well satisfy the demands.

Compact, silent: Queuing Machines are supposed to be as lightweight and silent as possible, minimizing their impact on the operational environment while providing queueing services, especially in settings like hospitals, exhibition halls, etc.

Voice of Customer:

By adopting Giada embedded PC, the non-working time of our deployed vending machine devices were reduced by more than 60%. We have many machines that have been deployed for over 7 years and are still in operation.

Said the technical director

Solution Requirements:

Standardized form factor, diverse performance options: It's impossible to redesign the structure of the vending machine with each product iteration. A rich gradient of performance options enables the vending machine to precisely adapt to various application scenarios.

Long lifecycle, stable supply: Choosing embedded computers with long lifecycles can effectively reduce compatibility and adaptation costs, as well as decrease maintenance workload.

Scalability and compatibility: Vending machines require numerous peripheral devices, control of mechanical structures, and support for various network access forms.

Voice of Customer:

"We implemented the first batch of solutions five years ago, and now our customers plan to deploy over 2,000 devices globally. We are very satisfied with Giada products, the deposit safes powered by Giada embedded PC are running stably."

Said the project director

Solution Requirements:

Hardware and software security: The security requirements for cash management kiosks are much higher than other scenarios. Therefore, customers prefer fanless embedded computers with metal casings fixed in cabinets, as well as encryption, data protection TPM.

Long-term reliability and stability: Due to the robust and complex design of the cabinets, higher stability requirements are placed on embedded computers.

Long lifecycle, stable supply: Brand customers have strict requirements for solution providers, demanding a guarantee of supply, high standardization, and clear project management plans. A long lifecycle embedded computer is the ideal choice.

Voice of Customer:

Our Wayfinding display solution has been very well-received. When designing the solution, I made three requests: absolutely smooth operation response, high resolution and reasonable price. Ultimately, we chose Giada's high-performance embedded PC.

said the technical director

Solution Requirements:

High-performance embedded computer: The embedded computer needs sufficient hardware performance to achieve fast response times and high-quality video output. Manufacturers are required to highly prioritize user experience.

Reasonable price: A reasonable price gives wayfinding machine manufacturers an advantage in competition.

24 / 7 operation: Wayfinding machines running 24/7 can provide guidance services to users at any time in airports and supermarkets, leading to higher user satisfaction.

Voice of Customer:

"We chose Giada motherboard for our solution. Giada cooperated with us to customize the BIOS and interfaces we required. Giada product is the perfect choice for our Gaming machine. The machine brought our customer an excellent return on their investment."

Said Vice President of Operations

Solution Requirements:

Graphics card performance: Gaming machines require high graphics card performance.

Long lifecycle, stable supply: Due to deployment timing, batch issues, and location considerations, gaming machines require embedded computers with long lifecycles to optimize costs reasonably.

Scalability and Compatibility: The Gaming machine requires an external screen/controller. Giada embedded computers are designed with these considerations.

Voice of Customer:

"We are deeply satisfied with the stability of Giada's embedded computer products. Giada's professional team not only ensures product supply but also provides timely technical support throughout the entire cooperation process."

Said Technical manager

Solution Requirements:

Outdoor Deployment: Smart lockers are deployed in various scenarios, requiring embedded computers to support the continuous and stable operation of smart parcel lockers.

Professional Technical Support: Switching embedded computers for kiosk devices requires strict testing, which needs the original computer manufacturer to provide professional support.

Scalability and Compatibility: Smart lockers need to integrate printers, scanners, interactive screens, and control locker doors. Therefore, there is a demand for the scalability and compatibility of embedded computers.

Industry-focused & Trend-setting
Long Life Cycle Embedded PC and Motherboards
Equipped with long-lifecycle processors for embedded PC
High Reliability, Long-Term Stable Operation
Stable operation 24/7, meeting Industry Needs
Providing Customized Collaboration
A team with over 20 years of hardware R&D experience, along with professional technical support team
Stable Product Iterations, Rich Product Selection
Well-Defined form factors, iterating products in line with technological developments
High quality and fast delivery
Ensuring quality, timely delivery through stocking hot-selling standard product models and strategic reserve of key components.
Value-Added Technology - JAHC
Energy-saving management with patented unattended technology
Professional Product R&D Capability

Giada's R&D center is outfitted with top-tier equipment and management process, guaranteeing the production of high-quality KIOSK computers.

We are proud to reveal that our annual R&D investment surpasses the industry average as a proportion of the company's total revenue.

At Giada, our R&D team deeply immerses itself in the industry landscape, considering customer requirements during the hardware development phase, supporting flexible and lightweight customization.

The factory employs MES for seamless coordination, tracking, control, and monitoring of production plans, ensuring exceptional standards in production efficiency, product quality, and service quality.

The factory utilizes top-tier production equipment from renowned brands like FUJI, SINIC-TEK, HELLER, GKG, and more. Our team consists of 15 highly skilled SMT engineers, as well as experienced QC, QE, and QA engineers with over a decade of expertise. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we exclusively manufacture products of world-class quality.

Flexible and Prompt Service


Pre-installation Service: Memory,
Storage, OS and Wifi/3G/4G.


Branding Customization: Boot up logo, package, chassis logo.

MOQ: 100 PCS - 500 PCS

Android image verification and pre-installation, APPs compatibility service.

Flexible Cooperation Model

Support OEM, ODM, SKD, CKD for different regions based on rich experiences.




Prompt Response

Professional proposal and technical support for complex project in


English-speaking FAE team with over 10 years of industry experience.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery for hot-selling standard product model.

1-2 weeks

Strategic reserve for key components, shortening delivery time of customized products.

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